Saturday, November 1, 2008


Who made up this rumor that life is easy... That relationships are easy... It is a lie.

I pray to eliminate superficial relationships from my life. By eliminate I don't mean 'trash' - I mean deepen, and to become further involved so those surface relationships no longer exist.

I suppose most relationships must begin as superficial, but there is something seriously wrong when we get too lazy, or too uncomfortable, to go be REAL.
In most dealings with people, we come to a point where the real truth is exposed.
And, trust me, in EVERY life there are skeletons, and cans of worms... And we can be known or we can be willing to know up to that point - because it's safe, but it's also superficial.

But, we must love through the painful point. Love to the end. REFUSE to let go though we truly know a person. Fragile love will love to a point, but Godly love...Godly love will burst through the closet or the can...and go on loving.

That, not a cup of coffee is real christian fellowship.

With people in our lives we must guard unity as sacred. We must attend to people who are brought into our sphere of influence, love them and care for them. It is our duty to help strengthen them in God, and perhaps most be taught by them.

Everytime we are confronted by painful differences we have to crash through.

This I hope for myself.
This I long for others to do with me.
Be real... Exposing what we truly are is the only way to know and be known.

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Marty said...

Very though provoking post...have you ever read a book called "When People Are Big and God is Small"? We tend to not get real because we are more concerned about what a person will think or say...rather than letting God be so big that we push further into the relationship.
Thanks for sharing :-)