Saturday, February 21, 2009


I was listening to an XM channel the other day, well, most likely a month or more ago... Not the point. I heard a song that really struck my heart. Natalie Grant sings it (I think)...anyhow, in the song she says:

"sometimes the sun stays hidden for years
sometimes the sky rains night after night
when will it clear
but our hope endures
in the worst of conditions, it's more than our optimism
let the earth quake, our hope is unchanged"

....this is what I'm working on at the moment.... being unwavering, unchanging in the face of adversity, knowing where my hope lies and how to lean into Jesus more.... I want my default reaction to adversity, challenge, hard-times -- to be that of unwavering hope. Yes, it will be hard, and I may fall, or I may cry...but my heart is at rest in Jesus....

show me how Lord -- to lean into You when it hurts the most...

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