Friday, April 10, 2009

the rainbow connection

So, here is my attempt at my first ever RAINBOW CAKE!! This blog is a work in progress, because the cake is in the oven at this very moment!! 04-10-09 @ 4:09 p.m.!

The gel food coloring is the bomb! I would ONLY recommend using this kind!

These are my rainbow colors in true Roy G. Biv Fasion!! (red, orange, yellow, green, blue and indigo/violet)

Then you put them into their pans a little at a time. In the first pan put the colors in the order you want, and then do it in reverse in the other pan (cause you are gonna stack them). Also, don't swirl the colors in the ain't pretty! Here is my batter in the pan (just before the oven)

Here is a behind the scenes clean-up shot!

here is the frosting. it will look like a bright sunny sky once the cake is cut (we'll have to wait for Sunday dinner for that shot)

YEP - that was a big fat waste of time! The frosting was too runny and it ruined the alas I will try again tomorrow. Oh, not to mention my house is 100 years old and slopes like it's no one's business! Anyway...back to the ol' drawing board.

Here is a pic...the inside turned out to be too cute!


Lauren said...

Are you making one of these for Sunday evening?? If so, I can't wait to have some. How colorful and exciting. :) All the photos made me want to try to make one of these cakes. Hummmmmm . . .

Becca said...

Yes! I love it. If you ever need us to take a "ruined" cake off your hands, we could come pick it up...I'm just saying...

Jessica said...

:) It looks really cool...despite perhaps not turning out the way you had hoped.

Did it TASTE yummy?