Thursday, April 21, 2011

10-Day Challenge!

Finally!  I have found a small, daily, challenge that caught my interest.  Soooo....starting today, I'm taking part in this 10 Day YOU Challenge!  I found it on Jacqui's blog.  It will be short and sweet!  And, hopefully, get me back into blogging more regularly!

 Day 10:


10.  It is 1:55 p.m. and I am still in my pj's...  eeek!

9.  Sometimes I let the phone go to voice mail, even if I can get to it in time...  It has nothing to do with the caller (most times), just that I'm soooo not a phone talker....

8.  I never, ever, (not even once) cheated on any kind of test when I was in school.  Ever.  :0)

7.  I cannot stand scary movies, but I was once obsessed with the show "Ghost Adventures."  It seemed more real than scary movies, but it was totally cheese ball.  Sigh.

6.  On my night stand is a pack of Saltine crackers and a small stash of peanut-butter m&m's. 

5.  I kissed a boy for the first time when I was 17, that was also the same age that I had my first date and my first boyfriend.  It was still way too young.

4.  I'm not an animal person.  I never have been.  I grew up on a farm, we always had tons of mom still lives there and still has tons of animals.  I did however, once give my heart to a cat named Petey.  He lived a long time, and then he died. He was the sweetest ever.  Maybe that is why I don't want to get attached to another pet. 

3.  When I was in 5th grade I purposely failed my eye exam because I wanted to have glasses so badly.  Then, the ones I got were so big and plastic, I hated them and would be so upset to have to wear them.

2.  Some nights, when Matt is sleeping, I poke him in the face to see if he will wake up.  Sometimes he does, but he never remembers it the next day.  I just love him.  :0)

1.  When we were kids, my dad would give us 'sprite water' to drink when we asked for soda.  It was just water in an old sprite bottle (but it was years before we knew this).  We greedily gulped it down.  I plan to do the same with Noah.  Who needs real soda anyway?

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Katharine said...

hehe, number 2 sounds like something i'd do!