Monday, April 18, 2011

"Birthed in Prayer"

I have been reading through the book, Birthed in Prayer, by Kim Barker, Linda de Meillon and Leigh Harrison.   It is an interesting book.  I like most of what these women have to say, and the stories that they share.  They have never suffered the loss of a child, and so I feel that I have some disconnect because of that...but for the most part, I am really enjoying it. 

The book is very encouraging and very spiritually led.  Which I love.  I enjoy the way they tie in key Biblical truths to the different emotions and/or various states-of-being that pregnant women evolve through.  And, I like that each chapter ends with journaling questions and prayer starters.  It is good to be praying for different things (for me) and not just the standard, Lord bless this child.  I am very much a believer in specific prayers, so I have enjoyed praying through this book.

I am writing this to keep track of some of my favorite tid-bits from the book, in one spot. 

"And the ripples of change do not end with us.  We are changed by our children, they are changed by us, and they grow up to change the world.  God's world is enriched by each new and unique person who lives out his or her story.  Each one's life, however brief or long, makes a difference to the stories of those around him or her."

Geez!!  That quote is written as though these women were inside my heart.  Yes!!  This is exactly how I feel about Rowan & Levi!  "Each one's life, however brief or long, makes a difference to the stories of those around him or her." Yes!!  We are forever changed by our children, those gone on home before us, and the one we hope to hold here on earth for many years to come.  Yes.

"All change involved leaving behind something known in order to move toward the new and unknown.  It means releasing the way things were in order to embrace the way things are and the way things will be."

Absolutely!!  I am, in no way, 'leaving behind' my love or adoration for Levi and/or Rowan...however, I know that without their tiny lives ending so soon, my Noah wouldn't be here.  We would not have the hope of a life with Noah without the tragic loss of Rowan and Levi.  It pains me so much not to have them all here, but I am overwhelmed with love and appreciation that because of the end of their lives, Noah will experience the beginning of his life.  Oh, Lord we pray it's so...

I firmly believe that this pregnancy is a fulfillment of a promise given to me, as a much younger girl.  This pregnancy, and baby Noah, are a testimony to God's miraculous power and might.  It is also a testimony of His faithfulness and mercy. 

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