Friday, June 10, 2011

32, can it be?

How many weeks:  32 weeks

How am I feeling: humble and chubby...which may be adding to the feeling of humbleness  :0)

Doctor’s Appointment:  I saw the MFM at 8:30, had an u/s at the OB at 11:30 and then a check-up with the OB at 1:00.  Busy today!!  I see the OB every week from now until Noah gets here, and I set my appt to have the cerclage removed with the MFM for July 11 @ 7 a.m.  I'll have a spinal block and they will remove the stitches and then I'll be monitored to be sure I don't go into labor & if it all looks good we'll come home & wait for Noah to get here!!

Weight Gain: 14.3 lbs  eeeeeeeeeeeek!!!

Maternity Clothes:  Seriously, is there anything else??  :0)

Baby Preparation: Nursery is ready, pack-n-play is set up in our room.  We had our first shower on May 22nd, and are set to have the one on June 25th.  Holy mackerel!  We are so blessed.... :0)

Gender: precious baby boy (confirmed on many separate u/s - so anything different would totally catch us off guard LOL)

Name:  Noah Reagan McCleskey.  It means Peaceful Little King.  Pretty sweet!

Sleep:  My sleeping patterns are changing, and I'm convinced it's God's way of helping new momma's get ready for baby time!    

Best moment this week:  Every moment with this little one is so sweet to me.  I will truly miss having him on the inside, but I REALLY am ready to have him here to snuggle and kiss on!!!

Movement: This boy moves ALL the time!!  It's so incredible!

Food cravings: saltine crackers, cheese & berries

What I miss:  I used to be the girl in the room who was always freezing, and HAD to have a sweater in any place I went.  Ugh, not these days!!  Florida is so hot, and having these crazy hormonal hot flashes is only making it hotter!  I miss being the coldest one in a room...  My poor hubs is always bundled up...thankfully we don't have central heat/air - I'd hate to see our bill if we did!!

What I am looking forward to: Meeting this little man.

Milestones:  Today!  32 weeks!!  Next up, 36 weeks, then July 11th (cerclage removal) and then delivery...  We cannot wait to snuggle with this little one!!


 yep - that's a foot on his forehead - it doesn't grow from there...but he sure likes to keep it up there!!  Couldn't you just kiss those fat little cheeks a bazillion times?!?!

Prayer request:
Noah is breech right now, and that's fine another 2 weeks or so...but we really need him to spin around.  My doctor's have told me that because of my history & the struggle with each pregnancy if he remains breech & I go into labor they will not attempt to turn him & will just proceed with a c-section --- and I REALLY want to avoid that...  So, please join with us in praying for Noah to do a flip really soon!!! 


Lilly's Mom (Desiree) said...

yay for 32 weeks!! praying with you that Noah will turn... :) but if he doesn't, a csections isn't HORRIBLE. ;) Praying praying praying!

Molly King said...

Just said a prayer!