Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Month Three

13 weeks.  You have been here with us for 13 amazing, tiring, emotional, MIRACULOUS weeks!  Everyday as I stare at your sweet face for hours I am overwhelmed by the grace and mercy that can only come from Jesus.  I am taken aback time and time again at how much love I have for you, Noah.  My heart swells bigger and bigger with so much love every moment of every day, and I wonder at how much more love it can contain.

About a week ago you decided to stop crying so much.  You used to cry 22 hours everyday, and now you are down to 4-5 hours.  I much prefer your gurgles and your smiles...but I love you just as much as when you were crying all the time.  I am just thrilled beyond belief to have you here with us.  I love you so much.

Your daddy is totally over the moon in love with you.  He just gets such a kick out of watching you learn & grow.  He loves to make you laugh and no one gets bigger smiles from you than your daddy.  You two are always going to be buds, I can tell!

Oh little man, we love you with such a big love...a love that is beyond ourselves.  We are enthralled by the goodness of our God, and cannot wait to share with you all His glory.  You are a masterpiece that only He could bring into being, and what a journey it was to get you here.  But, God has been more than good to us and He loves you so little one.  I hope you can feel some of that love in the way that daddy & I love on you.

Happy 3 month birthday little fella.  We adore you!!

Noah, chillin' in the car
first time in the water!!
my sweet man
taking after daddy
Noah, Daddy & the ducks!

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