Friday, November 18, 2011

Month 4

Noah Reagan, you are 4 months old today.  FOUR!!!  That is 1/3 of the way to your 1st birthday...  slow down.  You are trying so hard to be a bigger boy than you are...always wanting to sit-up, stand up, stay up late...  slow down.

You have become such a little wiggle worm.  You squirm all the time, and it's so cute.  You are so chubby and squishy, and soft.  I just love every little inch of you!  You make me smile all the time, and your dad is so over-the-moon in love with's adorable.  You love bright lights, and shiny metals.  You HATE riding in your car seat...but I think it's mostly because you can't wiggle so much.  :0)

You love to roll around when getting your diaper changed.  You laugh and coo all through bath time, and cry when you have to get out.  You love when momma massages you and you give out big smiles!!  You throw your head back when you laugh, I mean when you really have this 'fake' laugh that you give out...but sometimes momma can get the real deal out of you!  You can grab hold of your feet, and get them in your mouth.  You chew on everything, but you particularly love your burp cloths & bibs.  You like smushy bananas and sweet potatoes.  You love your daddy's voice, and upon hearing it you bust into a HUGE grin.  You are working hard on your first tooth, and I think we will see it any day now.

You are a sweet little snuggler, and I hope you don't grow out of this for some time.  You are pretty happy these days, and that makes me happy.  I prayed so hard that you would overcome the colicky days of your first 3 months, and I really think we have turned a corner. You are a heart stealer for sure, crying or not...and everyone is captivated by your sweet face and demeanor.  I think you are going to be quite the charmer my boy!  I love you so much Noah.

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