Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Some of you know, but I cannot help myself.... I am still in awe.

Last week, 05-13-09, my sweet Mattie was in a car accident.

It should have been a lot worse, he should have been hurt....
But, miracle of miracles ... He is doing amazing!

He was broad-sided on 12th and Brainerd. The man who hit him ran a stop-sign (as in never slowed down). Matt was traveling south on 12th and after the accident is car was facing east on Brainerd. They firemen had to pry the door open to get Matt out of the car. He was taken by ambulance to the hospital and 2 hours later we walked out to our other car and drove home. They didn't even give him pain meds. He is in pain, lots of neck/upper back pain...but he's alive.

His window was down, and his arm was hanging out the window at the time.... He has a few small scratches, mostly healed now, and a jammed finger on his RIGHT hand -- the arm out the window...FINE...AMAZING!!! God is sooooo good!!!

When we went to the salvage yard the following day we were amazed at the condition of the car. I wish we had pics of the can see where it was wrapped around him. The driver's seat looked like it was from a brand new car...there wasn't even glass in the seat...and there was glass EVERYWHERE!! God is so good. We have no doubt that the hand of Jesus was cupped around Matt at the time of the accident.

Praise Jesus!! Just wanted to share our miracle with you all. Be encouraged...He is ever present!!

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