Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A little bit o' Christmas

We had a busy Christmas holiday!

We started out by celebrating Christmas Eve with the Marchlewski's.

My family away from family!!

Then on Christmas morning we traveled to Gulf Breeze to visit with Matt's mom and sister. We then went down to Panama City to see my dad, his wife and my youngest sister, Kloe, and brother, Parker. We had fun, and it's always nice to travel with Mattie. We sing and laugh alot!

Oh, and Falcor was with us, so that made the trip even more interesting. He had been to the groomer the day before, so he'd be nice and clean. As soon as we got to dad's Falcor pooped in the middle of their living room, so we put him outside. They live on a golf course, and it has little ponds everywhere. A neighbor came to the door later with Falcor, and he was soaking wet, completely brown and smelling fishy. Matt quickly bathed him and we left shortly after that...oy vey...that dog!! I wish I had pictures of this part, but I was pretty upset with the little curious fella!!

After ALL of that we went on to my mom's. We had a delicious dinner and lots of laughs!! All in all, it was a terrific day!!

And then, on December 26th (of course) I went shopping for AMAZING deals with my besties!!! Donna & Jim.

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Becca said...

Goodness, that little blue eyed kiddo looks like my sister's youngest! What a cutie!