Sunday, January 24, 2010

i do not like this

It's been 5 months. 5. That is a long time. And in a few weeks it will have been 6 months. I haven't written in some time. It's been tough recently because all the girls who got pregnant around the same time as me are now having their babies, and I am so happy for them...but extremely saddened at the same time.

My due date was in February, and I could have been having the baby any day now. My tummy would have been so big and round.

So, Mattie and I are going away for a while. We are leaving in about an hour and we will be gone for an entire week. I cannot wait to be away and just be with him. We need this down time to relax and get back into a peaceful place with each other.



Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Marchlewski said...

I am just so grieved for you two right now. My heart just broke reading this. There is nothing I can do or say that will take your pain away, just know that I love you.

Nicole said...

I so hope the time away will be a peaceful time for both of you and a time of rest and renewal with the Father and our Lord Jesus.