Thursday, March 4, 2010

forcing the spring time

I'm going camping on the 19-20 of this month. I can hardly wait. Not in a tent mind you, I am over that...

My plans while wrapped in the beauty of nature:

1) I plan to walk barefoot in the grass while eating juicy purple grapes.
2) I plan to roast marshmallows and eat them as fast as I can, and as many as I can.
3) I plan to read my Bible and my new book while sitting on the porch in the morning sun, and the early evening glow of the moon.
4) I plan to lay in the grass and think of absolutely nothing.
5) I plan to catch little fish and let them back into the water
6) I plan to laugh (A LOT)
7) I plan to do it all with my best friends
8) I plan to take a TON of pictures to remember it all


Marty said...

What an absolutely wonderful plan! Can't wait to see the pictures :-)
Love the JJ Heller song, too.

Jessica said...

So, how was camping? =)