Tuesday, August 10, 2010

1 hour 19 minutes

It has been 6 weeks and 2 days since my son Levi was born, and then died. Matt brought home Levi's death certificate today. My boy lived for 1 hour and 19 minutes. What a strong warrior. Much longer than I thought it had been. I'm so proud of him.

My Levi,

Momma is missing you so bad these days. It seems everyone is pregnant. Literally. Oh, my heart aches to think of how big you would be (and how big I'd be). I love you little angel. I miss you. Daddy says your grave marker will be here next week. This makes me feel relieved. We miss you. I hope you are with your big brother, Rowan, and that you two are the best of friends. We miss you. I love you so much my boy.



Heather said...

The first few months are so hard, as you are well aware. I'm sorry. Keep breathing Amanda.

butterflymom said...

Hang in there, Amanda, and take good care of yourself and your needs. I'm so glad that having a grave marker for Levi will give you some relief. I know that it gave me some kind of peace following through with things that my daughter deserved. Thinking of you...

Ausmerican Housewife said...

We're waiting for our little boy's plaque to be sent to us for proofing and then in 4 weeks or so it'll be installed on his little plot. Just one more thing to prove his existence to the rest of the world. *sigh* Thinking of you.

~Jill~ said...

I wanted to read more of your blog after seeing you on 5 Questions...I hope that is ok.

I bet that Levi and Rowan are INCREDIBLE friends and also your guardian angels. They are in the best of care and one day, there will be an amazing reunion for you all.

Hang in there!!

Also, my husband is named Matt, too. :)

Lauren said...

New follower from New Friend Friday!!!This post made me cry...and so sad to see their pictures... you are in my prayers. Hope You have a wonderful Friday...

Ps I also host a weekly blog hop... so feel free to link up anytime!

Shelly said...

Now following you on Twitter & can relate so much from your blog. I lost a 9 yr old son, 5 yrs ago, and a baby girl, like your Levi, born too soon.

I'm still grieving, guess it's a lifelong process. Thanks for sharing your strength & your story with others. I truly believe that helps us, with the healing process. We do become stronger for all we endure, but what a high price to pay for that stregnth. You know?

God bless you and your family. You're an amazing woman! Always remember, angels surround you. Your children are still with you, and will protect you until the day you reunite again! I firmly believe this!

Lots of luv & hugs, Shelly