Monday, August 30, 2010

30-day blog journal - Day 18

Day 18 - my wedding

My wedding was spectacular, spectacular.  
Matt and I met on eHarmony in December of 2006.  By the end of the week we had our first date, and then our second, and 5 days later he said he loved me.  Then about 6 weeks later he asked me to be his bride.  He proposed at Lamberts, a restaurant known for their delicious rolls.  He had them bake my engagement ring into a roll.  It was so sweet.   We were married on May 26, 2007.  It was a dream.

He wrote a song for me and sang it that day, it was too much.

My vows to Matt:

Matt, I love you and I am honored today to become your wife.  I'm proud of the man you are; your character, integrity and commitment to form a solid foundation for our relationship.  Each day I further learn to trust your judgment in leading me and someday our family, as God leads us.

I promise to remain faithful to God, seeking His will and guidance in my relationship with Him and for our marriage.  I promise to be faithful to you and above all things to honor you as my husband.  I promise to submit to your leadership, and look forward to making our home a place of refuge for you - a home full of love, acceptance and joy.

I promise to make our relationship a priority.  I will not run from you emotionally, knowing that you love and that we both desire to grow through our conflicts.  Knowing that marriage is a life-long 'work in progress.'  I vow to stand with you and face each challenge as your partner.  And, no matter the challenge, I will not divorce you.

I am proud to become your wife today.  I willingly commit myself to be your best friend, greatest fan and exclusive lover, until the day that one of us lays the other in the arms of Jesus.

I love you.

Matt's Vows to me:

Amanda, you’re my light and my love. You’re my level head and my voice of reason. You’re my biggest fan and the one who is always there to lift me up when I’m down.  You’re my best friend as well as the only one I want to spend my life with in this marriage relationship. 

I will have my moments, just as you will have yours.  I ask you in front of everyone here that you will try and have grace towards me in my moments as I’ll do the same for you.  

Sometimes I’ll be right…in my mind…while in actuality I’m dead wrong and you know it. I ask that you lovingly show me my error, if you deem it even necessary to point out.  I ask you also to not overlook my faults, failures, and idiosyncrasies, but help me to work through them.

Above all, I want you to know that I love you and will always love you.  Even though we’ll have our verbal bouts and valleys along the way, I promise never to leave you…and if you leave me, I’m coming with you.  

Though our disagreements might seem paramount at the time, in the grand scheme of things, I know that they’re just inconsequential, and I promise that in the midst of those disagreements or valleys or even in the mundane-ness of life, I will never consider divorce as a solution, or even an option.  

I want to work through our low, hard times because I know the end result will be a much deeper, loving relationship with you, which is what I desire.  I want to love you more 50 years from now than I do at this moment; I need your help to do that.  Help me to love you in the way you want to be loved, which is the way that I desire to love you, and we’ll be better for it 50 years from now.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful vows! I'm in tears reading them. So very very beautiful.

Nicole said...

I agree with Alex...Absolutely beautiful, and tears upon reading. Thank you for sharing.