Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Trying something new today!!

I got the idea from Steph at A Grande Life.
Her blog is cute and fun, and so is her little!! 

Okay so a few rules:
1) take my button for your page, and leave a comment for me

2) take Steph's button and go read her stories

3) sign the Linky at the bottom, leave your page and we'll all visit you too!
4) make your Ten on Tuesday list today!!  yay!!

Now for my Ten on Tuesday!
This week is going to be a random list of things I'm thinking at the moment...

Starting with, a few indicators that you may need to take a vacation.

1)  you can't even look at other people without scowling, and mumbling under your breath.  (if this is the case you need to leave the area immediately)!

2)  when you wake up each morning the song "It's 5 o'clock Somewhere" is in your head, and a cocktail is in your hand (all before 9 a.m.).  In this case it's best to take a trip to Mexico where they serve cocktails at breakfast...I'm not joking...I was just there. 

followed by, a list of books to check out:

3)  To Full Term by Darci Klein

4) Anything by Jodi Piccoult
     I've read about 7 of her books, and I have 5-8 more on my bookshelf right now. You probably know her because she wrote "My Sister's Keeper."  They made a movie about it, trust me, the book is much better.

5)  The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd
     I read this before the movie came out, and I just loved it.  I didn't care so much for the film, so just do yourself a favor and dive in to this adorable story.

And, lastly, here are my favorite websites for coupons, money saving ideas, etc.  And, they are all free!

6)  I Heart Publix
I Heart Publix

7)  Printable Coupons

8)  I Heart Saving Money
I Heart Saving Money

9)  Southern Savers
This may be my absolute favorite coupon site, because she does all the stuff I don't want to do...menu planning, coupon grouping...  Just making my life easier.

10)  Coupons.Com

I warned you it would be random, next week I'll be more prepared.  Enjoy visiting the links and leave your info below.


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