Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sweetheart Saturday

Okay, so I've been reading and getting to know Alex (via web of course), over at My Life, My Glory. She has a weekly posting, link-up, called Sweetheart Saturday. You can read all the rules, etc., here...but basically you just write a love note to your sweetheart, and then share it with them. Easy!!

Love of my life,

  I always tell you how much I love you (when I leave you little notes), and I always say there is no way for me to put into writing the depth or width of my love...  And it's true.  I do not possess the vocabulary, or writing abilities to convey to you the entirety of my love.

  I feel like maybe I wasn't fully alive until you loved me.  That is so cheese ball to say, but it's true.  Like parts of my heart, and maybe my soul, were not being fully utilized until you came along.

  Basically, I'm head over heels for you.

  You are the love of my life.


Carol said...

I just found your blog through Marie. I'm now following and I can't wait to read more from you. Please stop by and visit me when you get time.

Carol-the gardener

Everyday Mama said...

I found your blog tonight via another blog I follow & I'm so glad I did. Beautiful music, heartbreaking stories....I'm going to go read more now. Thank you for sharing your life journey with us!