Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

This bloggy link-up idea comes from Steph at A Grande Life.  Visit her, show some lovin', and do your ten on tuesday list also....  Let's get this party started.

1.   This past weekend was five & dime Saturday at one of my fave antique shoppes.  I just love digging around in old shoppes for a great deal!  Can't wait for the ladies night scavenger hunt next month!!

2.  Last week I was super busy revving up my craigslist stuff.  I spent Tuesday and Wednesday in Tallahassee, and Thursday in Mobile. I think I got some things that should bring in some good cash.  It's nice to make grocery money and pad our savings with moolah from sources outside of our regular budget (and without having to sit in an office)!

3.  I was fired last month on the 19th.  2 days after the one year angelversary of my Rowan, and just 7.5 weeks after Levi died in my arms.  I was enraged at the way things happened, and the fact that I was 'let go' at all.  I have never been fired before and it really hurt my feelings.  Sometimes people are a-holes, and they will let you down.  I was told that my 'situation' was bigger than the firm was able to handle, and I wasn't 'rehabbing' fast enough for them.  See, total jerks!  Worst of all, I was fired by some 19 year old girl who probably doesn't have ANY life experiences, let alone does she know the weight of holding your child as he slowly dies in your arms....and then she referred to MY SON as a 'situation' and NEVER once said baby, or child, or SON, or we're so sorry....I wanted to puke on her.  Ugh...

Okay, now that I'm past that.....

4.  Glee starts back up tonight.  I enjoy the singing, dancing, drama/comedy, but mostly I cannot get enough of the snarky, uber fabu, Jane Lynch.  I mean, right?!?
5.  The Office starts on Thursday, at least I think.  And, I've heard this will be Steve Carrell's last season.  He is so funny, probably my favorite guy on t.v./movies right now (with Will Ferrell and Zach Galafiankis coming in a close 2nd).  
6.  I have a hard time hearing these days.  I think it is because I keep the volume on my iPod turned up waaaay too loud.  But, isn't music so much better when it's really loud?!  I just hope this doesn't affect me in the long run!  ...  o_0

7.  I have recently been jamming out to Hayley Williams (Paramore).  What a fun, funky, little gal.  

8. It is hard to come up with 10 random thoughts.  I mean, I have a million thoughts in my mind at this moment, but I wonder if any of them will benefit anyone, or benefit me?!

9.  I started a work-out yesterday on Netflix.  It was a dancing/aerobics thing...I'm pretty sure it was totally ridiculous to see me busting a sweaty move!  We can watch through the Wii on our t.v., so it's pretty neat.  I have zero coordination, so it's better for me to do aerobics at home - where no one can laugh at me except the dog!

10.  Okay, so I'm going to try and reserve my #10 spot for a new blog that I have come across and then share it with anyone who reads here.  So, if you want to be on this list you have to follow along so I can find your blog.  This week though is the blog of Stephanie (mommy of Aurora Rose).  It is really important to me that babyloss momma's tell their stories to the world.  You can read Aurora's story here on the Faces of Loss site. 

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Carol said...

You are not going to believe what a small world it is....I live maybe a mile from your favorite Antique shop. Have you ever been to the Copper possum in Milton? It's a nice shop too, not as large but nice. Too weird! I like to go in there when my Hubz works 3-11 and just take my time looking around.

Nice to have met you and happy to have read this.

Carol-the gardener