Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Thoughtful Wednesday: AF

Okay, so What I Wore Wednesday was really stressing me out, so this week I'm trying a new Wednesday blog link-up.  This one comes from MsBabyPlan at The Baby Plan.  Here is a link to her post explaining her rules - Original Post.

 So, here is my first Thoughtful Wednesday Post:

  If you are reading, I shouldn't have to warn you, but I will....this post is about my period.
  You see, if you have been reading, my son died a little over 11 weeks ago.  I have two children, and they both live in Heaven.  After Rowan (my first son) died last August I didn't have a period for 4 months, and then Matt and I were not ready to try and then we started TTC in February, and were pregnant in March...because the Lord is so truly awesome.

  Now, Levi was born on June 28th and died on the 29th.  So, it's been 11 weeks (Monday the 13th).  I was shocked when AF got here on Saturday (11th) to say the least.  I was expecting 5-6 months with no signs of my fertility returning (if at all).  I cried a lot when I saw that I started bleeding on Saturday.  Tears of joy. 

  I don't know if we are ready to TTC yet, but I feel like a woman again, and I do hope to be pregnant again. 

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MsBabyPlan said...

Thanks so much for opening you heart in this post.

It is so thoughtful and wonderful to appreciate our periods. Through your post I’ve realised that having your periods - no matter how long the circle last or appear - is signs of fertility and the possibility to have babies.

I really home this time IT IS THE ONE, God is great in many ways and he will give you the dream you are waiting for.

You are in my prayers.

Hope you will post more of Thoughful Wednesdays and link up next week :)