Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What I wore Wednesday

So I found a really, super-neat, Wednesday link-up to try out.
It's easy because all I have to do is get dressed and take a picture of what I wear!!

I found it here at Jenny's blog, and the idea came from lindsey cheney at 

So, I totally get that it's supposed to be what I wore all week up until Wednesday...buuuut  I haven't really gotten in the habit of photographing myself yet.  Most days I would be in bed and think 'crap, what about my post for Weds.'  So, unfortunately all I have is what I'm actually wearing today - which is technically what I wore for a few hours on Monday also.  HA!

 Yep, that's me, standing on a footstool to get the 'full body shot.'

top - Cato's $4
Jeans - Amanda Jeans by Gloria Vanderbilt (best jeans EVER) from Kohls $20
shoes - Nicole brand gladiator sandals from Ross $9.99
watch - Carnival Cruise Line $10 store
Necklace - The Vintage Pearl (here is a close up of my necklace)

in loving memory of our sons, Rowan & Levi.  Forever with us in our hearts.


Jeanie Cullip said...

I really like your necklace The Vintage Pearl. I really need to get one of my kiddos!

Blessings & Giggles

Ashley Tremaine said...

Love those pants...think I will see if I can find some!! I want a Vintage Pearl necklace...LOVE YOURS!! You look too cute!