Tuesday, September 7, 2010

30-day blog journal - Day 26

Day 26, how crazy.  I've almost blogged 30 days straight.  I am astounded.   I used to go a week or so between posts...but I've really enjoyed this little "project."   So, let's get on with it...

Day 26 - your week, in great detail

Well, since today is a Tuesday, I've decided I'd just do the last 7 days.

wake up and snuggle with Mattie
see my honey off to work and then take a million pics of my new items for sale
Post newest acquired items to craigslist
meet up with 4 folks and make $53  (big smile)
listen to song I need to learn for Sunday (about 30 times)
listen to other songs that make me feel better  - check out this song - OMG - crying my eyes out
make a list of meals for the next two weeks, and grocery list for next Monday
head out to church
pray to Jesus & read His word
practice with the band and sing amazing songs
surf on the internet until my eyes won't stay open any more

up early to see Dr. P at 9 a.m.

re-list old items on craigslist
blah - some cleaning & various chores!
lunch with my honey bunny
meeting with  Counselor at 1 p.m. for wellness, sanity and grief
hang out at church for a bit - chatting and what not
spend some time in The Word and writing about missing my boys
snuggle up with Mattie to watch some Treasure Quest
update blog, twitter, etc.
sweet sleep!

up and ready to go, Mattie is off today!
re-list old craigslist items
meet up with 2 ladies to sell CL items
ran into Donna @ a garage sale - spent a few hours thrifting it up
practice song for Sunday w/ Matt

call mamaw to wish her happy birthday
Meet up with people to sell craigslist stuff (this goes on throughout the day EVERY day)
dinner & movie with Mattie
spend some time with Jesus, and thinking about my sweet babes.
Read a few pages of "The Land in Between"
sleepy time

wake up at the butt crack of dawn and head to Chik-fil-a to meet Donna, Jim & Lauren for garage sale day!!

garage sale all the live long day
laid back day with good friends

back home with my hubs
surfing the net & working on my CL stuff
watched a movie with Matt, Everybody's Fine
pray, read and then sweet sleep

wake up early to see Mattie off to church (he is on staff in the music dept so he has to be there super-early)

head to church to worship THE King
chat and laugh with people who love Jesus and me!!
lunch with the fam
Sunday crafty time...  I made some cute Thanksgiving platters & a cake stand
re-listing stuff on CL - Sundays usually make good days for this!  wink*

wake up late b/c Mattie is off today
re-list craigslist items, check emails, blog
meet some dude at the doughnut shop and make a quick $7! HA
take pics of stuff for Nicole to put online
get ready for the family BBQ at Dave & Donna's
hang out with family and friends
back home to check email and then snuggle with Matt

Tuesday -- TODAY
woke up feeling stuffy and waaaay more tired than I should have been
do some laundry, sweep, vacuum, clean 2 bathrooms, wash dishes
post on craigslist for Nicole
post my stuff to CL
lunch with Mattie
meeting with counselor
coupon clipping for grocery shopping next Monday
pay the bills
watched a movie with Matt, The Joneses
typed this blog
went to sleep


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