Tuesday, April 26, 2011

10-Day Challenge! Day 8

Finally!  I have found a small, daily, challenge that caught my interest.  Soooo....starting today, I'm taking part in this 10 Day YOU Challenge!  I found it on Jacqui's blog.  It will be short and sweet!  And, hopefully, get me back into blogging more regularly!

 Day 8:

 Eight Fears

8:  Roaches.  Seriously.  Is there a creepier crawly bug?  I just cannot stand those dirty little buggers.

7:  Losing Noah.  After losing two children back-to-back, it is only natural that I worry about losing a third.  I am less consumed with the thought of losing him now, but it is something that I know can happen at any moment...so I try not to take even one second for granted.

6:  Losing Matt.  In 2001 my grandaddy died, so suddenly and tragically that I still can't talk or think about it without breaking down.  It was really the first time in my life that I took notice of how precious, and totally out of our control, our living and dying really are...  Anyhow, since that time, I have been really sensitive about people leaving, and then after Rowan & Levi died I became overwhelmed with thoughts of losing Matt.  I had some counseling about this, and have gotten better, but it is one of those 'racing thoughts' that sometimes I cannot catch quick enough. 

5:  Being all alone.  Although I enjoy silence and alone time, I think my greatest fear is being like Job.  Losing all my family and friends, and being truly, utterly alone.  To me, this seems like the worst possible thing...

4:  Becoming one of those 600-lb people who have to be transported from their home by flat bed truck. 

3:  Losing our home to a fire.  Not even so much our home, but all my pictures, scrapbooks and little mementos that remind me of Rowan, Levi & other family that have passed on.  I have a great majority stored in our fire proof safe - but you have to wait for a fire to determine if the safe really is fire proof...I don't think I'm 100% convinced.

2:  Hurricanes, tornadoes, lightning, uh....pretty much any bad weather that involves heavy rain, loud thunder, close lightning and high winds.  All of which we get a lot of here in Fla!

1:  Knowing that some of my family members will spend an eternity in Hell.  Knowing that some profess to love Christ, but do not have salvation.  Not knowing who does and doesn't, and missing the opportunity to share the love of Jesus with them all. 

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Donna said...

You make me laugh with #6. :)