Monday, April 25, 2011

10-Day Challenge! Day 9

Finally!  I have found a small, daily, challenge that caught my interest.  I'm taking part in this 10 Day YOU Challenge!  I found it on Jacqui's blog.  It will be short and sweet!  And, hopefully, get me back into blogging more regularly!

I know I missed a few day, but I had to take a break to celebrate Easter.  The death and RESURRECTION of my Lord!!!  Praise God.  But, I am back today to finish my 10 days.

 Day 9:

Nine Loves

9:  Reading.  Knowledge.

8:  Music.  It is rooted deep inside, and is often the only way that I know how to communicate.

7:  Jesus.  Savior, Redeemer, Shelter, Friend.  Abba Father.

6:  My crazy, loud, overly dramatic family.  They are the best EVER.

5:  All my nieces and nephews.  They bring such light into my life.

4:  My sweet Rowan.  My precious, perfect, little gift from God.

3:  My son, Levi Matthew.  Gone too soon, but with me always.

2:  My Noah Reagan.  My joy.

1:  My sweet Matt.  My soul mate and the love of my life.

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