Friday, April 8, 2011


How many weeks:  23 weeks.  Everyday I am still so amazed and humbled that this is me, and that I'm still pregnant.  I mean, me....a momma to two sweet angels...and I'm still pregnant.  The magnitude of my gratitude is overwhelming.

How am I feeling: humbled, anxious, over-joyed

Doctor’s Appointment: This a.m.  u/s @ 8:30 followed by cervical exam.  CL was 3.93cm!  Woot!!!

Weight Gain:  6.4 pounds.  So my husband thought this was what I was gaining each week!! Oh dear!!  I certainly hope not - but just to clarify - this is total weight gain thus far!
Maternity Clothes:  I love maternity clothes.  They are so cute and flattering.  I adore empire waists and soft, flowing, dresses.  I also love the way my belly looks.  I don't mean that to sound vain.  I think pregnant women are beautiful.  I love the way the body responds to the different stages of pregnancy.  It's so amazing to watch your body transform to be able to accommodate this small person you are growing.  It's just too incredible for words!

Baby Preparation: Nursery is coming together nicely.  I am participating a community garage sale in 3 weeks, and that will be the last of all our mess that needed to leave the room.  Guess it's time to start thinking about where we are going to put the things that come from a baby shower...  Hmmmmm

Gender: precious baby boy (confirmed on 5 separate u/s - so anything different would totally catch us off guard LOL)

Name:  Noah Reagan McCleskey.  It means Peaceful Little King.  Pretty sweet!

Sleep:  Sleep has never been a problem with any of my pregnancies.  I think it's because of the Prometrium.  :0)

Best moment this week:  Getting to spend time with this baby inside.  I am so glad my husband is such an amazing man.  He works so hard to take care of us, and make sure that I can stay home to keep this womb dweller growing safely.  xoxo babe - love you!!  :0)

Movement: It's such a strange sensation.  I don't know that it can be explained.  A few weeks ago I was searching online to get an idea of what I 'should' be feeling, or whatever.  But really, until you feel it....well, you just have to feel it.  It's so weird, especially at night when I'm trying to get to sleep and I can feel him just bouncing away.  Sometimes it's so abrupt and hard that it makes me jump a little. 

Food cravings: I was craving this very specific coleslaw from Bagels Heads last week.  It was sooooo good!  I also could eat every jar of peanut butter that Publix has on the shelves!  And, oddly enough - I would love to have a blue Nehi.  Does anyone remember those??  I may have been the only person in the world who just loved them so much!!

What I miss: My energy.  I do hope to gain some of it back so that I can keep up with this little fella.  I think I get tired easily mainly because I'm not 'allowed' to be as active as I used to be, but I know that some of that just comes with pregnancy.  Again, I'm just so consumed with the ways that I am changing to take care of this little one.  :0)  It's so beautiful, right??

What I am looking forward to: Today.  We had another ultrasound, and I love watching him wiggle and squirm on that screen.  My heart melts every time.  I think I won't stand a chance of keeping in my tears when he is here, wiggling and squirming in my arms. 

Milestones:  April 15th...24 weeks...Viability day!!


foot & toes
 sweet profile
 our little gymnast!  See the legs & feet above his head!  This is my all time fave pic thus far!


Ashley Tremaine said...

I am still so thrilled for you!! I pray that the next week passes super quick to get to viability date of April 15th!! But I think you are going to go all the way to 40 weeks!! Yay!

Jennifer Kay said...

Oh my gosh I just love that last picture, priceless!

Michele said...


Becky said...

I love the name!
And wow your right what a gymnast, I never saw any u/s pics like that

Lisa (Coe) Mueller said...

Matt and Amanda -

This is such an awesome blessing and I am so happy for you both! You know that I have been praying over this for the longest time. Noah Reagan is such an answer to prayers! I love you both and can't wait to come see your little bundle of joy...if I can get a break from school!!! I will still be keeping you guys in my prayers!



P.S. I agree...the u/s pic with his legs over his head is just adorable! Love it! :-)

Marie W said...

I love the name! So happy to see this post and I am praising God for such an awesome cervical length.