Tuesday, April 12, 2011


So, I've been couponing for a while now, but I've recently become addicted obsessed with saving more money than I spend.  And, not just a few bucks...like TONS more than I spend!  I am going to chronicle my journey here on my blog.  I'll have a tab up top with different coupon info (just in case you wanna know more about how you can save too).  It is so much fun to save money, and with this baby coming I feel like I should save even more!!

I will try to post my monthly totals, so that after a year I can see what I spent, what I saved and tips on how I got my best deals!!

For starters, here is a list of my favorite coupon sites.  Also, please keep in mind that I live in Florida, and each state/store has different couponing rules!

Southern Savers

Smart Source


Mommy Saves Big

All You

I also frequently visit Publix.com, Winn-Dixie.com, CVS.com and Target.com.

And lastly, let me say that to truly save the most money with the most lasting results...you have to change your mindset and your life style.  No more impulse buying.  You make a budget, you make a list, you collect coupons and you watch for sales.  I don't think you will last long otherwise.

Can't wait to get my April savings uploaded.  I have one more shopping trip this month and then I'll be ready to share.  It's been so exciting to see the savings add up!!

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The Anglin Family said...

me too! we started last month and fed our family for around 450 for the whole month and we used to spend 8-900!! I started ordering extra coupon inserts from a website and using coupons.com. I am so excited about going to the store on Friday!!:)