Friday, June 3, 2011

31...oh me oh my

How many weeks:  31 weeks

How am I feeling: hot, and overwhelmed at how close we are to meeting this little boy & keeping him here with us.  Seriously, the thought of taking home a baby from the hospital - who's little body isn't in a box - is too much.  I don't even really know if I can wrap my head around it...  It all seems so surreal.  Each doctor appointment, each passing day...too too much...much too much....

Doctor’s Appointment:  We saw the OB today, and Noah was moving like crazy but had a strong heart beat.  We go back to the MFM on June 10th (32 wks) and at that appointment we will set up an appointment to have my cerclage removed. We also start seeing the OB weekly as of this week, and we will be having weekly u/s again!  yay!

Weight Gain: 13 pounds....  Looks like I am steady gaining 1 lb per week, which is discouraging to me, but I try to keep reminding myself that Noah is supposed to be gaining about a 1/2 pound each hopefully it won't stick around after he comes to us.  

Maternity Clothes:  Seriously, is there anything else??  :0)

Baby Preparation: Nursery is ready, pack-n-play is set up in our room.  We had our first shower on May 22nd, and are set to have the one on June 25th.  Holy mackerel!  We are so blessed.... :0)

Gender: precious baby boy (confirmed on 7 separate u/s - so anything different would totally catch us off guard LOL)

Name:  Noah Reagan McCleskey.  It means Peaceful Little King.  Pretty sweet!

Sleep:  My sleeping patterns are changing, and I'm convinced it's God's way of helping new momma's get ready for baby time!  I sleep well for about 3 hours and then I'm up and down.  But, on days when Matt doesn't have to be at work early I can sleep really good from about 5 a.m. until 9 a.m. - that's some of the deepest/best sleep I've had in a long, long, time!   

Best moment this week:  On Tuesday I was having some braxton hicks contractions, and my OB wanted me to get up to the hospital to get monitored just to be sure it wasn't the real deal.  It is always so great to be hooked up to all the monitors and listening to Noah's heart just beat away for hours, so strong & steady.  Knowing he is growing big & strong is the best news ever.

Movement: This boy moves all the time, but especially after a nice big coke icee!!

Food cravings: watermelon, peanut butter & sweet pickles!  Not all at the same time mind you..but none the less, those are the things that wake me up at night!!

What I miss:  I miss being able to paint my toe nails...but I have to admit that pedicures are a nice treat!!  :0)

What I am looking forward to: Meeting this little man that has stolen my heart.  I so look forward to telling him about our other babies and sharing with him what all of our children have meant and taught us about the meaning of this life.

Milestones:  Today!  31 weeks!!  Next up, 32 weeks, then 36 (removal of my cerclage) and then delivery...  We cannot wait to snuggle with this little one!!

Pictures:  None this week, but next week we have 2 u/s on the same day, so we should get some good ones! I am hoping we can see some hair on that little noggin!!


I am still pricking my fingers every day, 4x's.  It sure isn't getting easier, or less painful, no matter what I try or what anyone says!  It stinks!  And, I am supposed to go to a class to learn how to control the diabetes with diet...but my numbers are always way lower than they should be....  And, medicaid doesn't cover the class, oh and did I mention it is $1600!!  Yeah, no thanks.  I'll just read up on information online & ask my doctor if I have questions.  She thinks I'm doing great, and we applied for financial aide through the hospital, but by the time that is processed we'll be at 36 weeks and by then I think it's a moot point.  Sigh.  I do not like dealing with the financial side of things - AT ALL!!

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Nicole said...

Amanda, have you been diagnosed with gestational diabetes? I was unsure after the comment about your numbers being way lower than they should be? So happy for you!!! Been praying for you and rejoicing that you all have made it this far.