Saturday, June 4, 2011

May Grocery Totals

Well, our big computer has been down for a while so I was unable to get to my grocery spreadsheets!! AGHHHHH!!  But, my hero Mattie has fixed it all up and I'm back to tracking!!  yay!

My totals for May are awesome!  My budget was $120.00, and I still went over - but just under $20 over!! 

May 2011

Actual Total $325.25
Total Out of Pocket : $138.75
Actual Saved : $186.50
Percentage Saved : 57%

I think I'm getting better with each month, of course I've only been seriously tracking for two months!  I hope to stockpile a bit this month for hurricane preparedness.  We will need bottled water, and additional canned/dry food to keep us fed for at least the first 72 hours...  I am sure that is what we are responsible for, but I'm planning to stock enough to feed us 3 meals a day, including water, for 7 days.  That way, in case we can't get, or don't have gas, we will be good for a little more time...  You just never know!   And, anyhow, Publix, Winn-Dixie & CVS are all running specials on hurricane stock-pile items right now!! 

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