Thursday, August 18, 2011

Month One

I cannot believe Noah is already one month old.  And, today...only one day after the 2 year anniversary of our first lost sweet Rowan.  It's bittersweet.  I am saddened this week to know it's been so long since I held his tiny form, but I am happy to have Noah here as a constant reminder that I am a momma to 3 sweet ones.  Sigh.  This journey is hard, always.

Noah at one month:

Noah you love to cry.  You also love to eat, toot and look around at the world.  You get grumpy when placed on your tummy, or on a want to be facing front so you can see what is out there.  I love this about you and I hope you always keep your sense of wonder and adventure!  Your little personality seems to be taking shape, and though you are still small you are such a joy to get to know.  Sometimes I feel like I'm doing nothing right, and then as you drift off to sleep in my arms I see that reflexive smile and it somehow makes me feel so much better.  I can't wait for you to know you are smiling and happy.

Now about this crying thing.  I know you are a little man, but dang...  You just love to wail.  You can really belt out some loud ones too.  I think you will be a good little singer, you seem to have the pipes!  You are also putting on the chub, and this makes me happy.  There were a few days that I was worried because you seemed so small, but now you are catching up, and doing a great job too!

Your daddy and I love you so much son.  You are a joy and a treasure. We cannot wait to know you forever!  We are thrilled to have been chosen to parent you, and are excited to watch God work and move in your life.  You are our little warrior and we love you much!!

xoxo- momma & daddy

Noah's first visit to Roselawn where Rowan & Levi are buried:

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Nicole said...

Very cute little boy!! Glad to read he is doing so well!!