Sunday, September 25, 2011

International Babylost Father's Day

Today is September 25th.  While this date doesn't particularly mean anything to most people, it has been set aside by grief-stricken, baby loss, parents as an International Day of honoring fathers whose children left for Heaven...  You can read about the origins of the project here.  And, started by the same mama is a project that is specifically for those just beginning their journey through the loss of a child(ren). 

Being a dad is the most amazing thing I've watched my husband do, and it started well before we brought our Noah home from the hospital.  It was the day that I showed him the positive test back in June of 2009...and 13 weeks later as we held our sweet Rowan...born way too soon.  I knew he was a daddy when the tears filled his eyes as he called the funeral home, and took care of business for his first born.  It was in the spark of hope that filled his face as I told him I was pregnant a second time...and in the angst filled tears that fell as he told me (after waking from anethesia) that we were soon to lose our second son.

Now to watch him with Noah is such an answer to many prayers.  I wanted so badly to give him a son that he could hold and raise up here on earth.  Happy father's day my sweet love.  We all love you so much.  You are our hero.

xoxo - wifey, Rowan, Levi & Noah

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