Sunday, September 18, 2011

Month Two

"Rainbow colors are there to remind us only He can give calm through the storm and peace to the heart filled with rain."  -M.A. Radmacher

Two months ago I gave birth to an amazing little man.  He has grown and changed so much in that short time.  And, so have I.  I have learned that some babies just cry, and there is nothing you can do to make them stop...and that doesn't make you a bad momma.  I've learned that I really don't need 9-10 hours of sleep, and 4 or so is good long as there is good coffee in the a.m.  :0)

I've learned that just when you think your heart can't hold anymore love, someone small can come into your life and stretch it out even more!

I've learned that so many things don't matter that I used to think were BIG deals.  I've learned that people are people, and they are (a lot of times) just plain mean.  I've learned that everyone has advice for you when your pregnant &that everybody and their momma has advice for you after the kid arrives.  I've learned that you just don't need to listen to some people.

I've learned that poop will come out of most anything if you soak it in Biz.  I've learned that spit-up can be smelled by everyone in a room, even if you think 'it's not that bad.'  I've learned that full faced babies will get commented on, and that some people will tell you they are overweight...I've imagined what it would be like if we said that to adults like they say it to children.  :0)

I've learned that even though I feel like my life is out of control, and I have no idea what I'm's not too bad, things will get better and I'm doing a good job.  I've also learned that my husband is a saint.  :0)


Nicole said...

SO cute! Glad to hear he is doing well!!! Don't worry about the full face either, chubby babies are the cutest!

Anonymous said...

Babies are supposed to be chubby. They need that baby fat to help protect their little bones while they're growing and not quite steady on their legs. Once he gets bigger and independently mobile, he'll start to lose it. And, most kids have growth spurts where they get a little chubby, then gain some height and even out. Not to worry. He's adorable!!

Lisa (Coe) Mueller said...

Hey Girl!

So happy to hear that Noah is doing so well! I cannot believe how big he has gotten since those first few pics...God is sooooo good!

Saw The Band Perry in concert last night at the fair. Couldn't help but think of you when they played "If I Die Young." I actually made it through the song without crying, but I still got choked up nonetheless. AWESOME concert by the way! Hubby is not a HUGE country music guy, but he commented about having a sore throat this morning! :-) Had to laugh!

Still thinking about making that trip down there in December to see you guys and meet Noah. I am finishing up one class now and I will have another one before the Christmas break.

Love & Hugs,

Lisa (Coe) Mueller