Sunday, December 18, 2011

Month 5

This month you are 5 months old Noah.  You are technically 22 weeks old (tomorrow) and today you turned 5 months old.  I can hardly believe you have been here this long, and I can scarcely believe you once fit neatly inside me.  When I look at my scar I cannot believe you were pulled out of my tummy through the small slice.  You are a big boy.  You are growing and learning so fast, it takes me by surprise sometimes...just how much you retain.

You talk (babble) all the time.  You growl, gurgle & blow through your lips.  You make a multitude of adorable sounds, and you talk to anyone who makes eye contact with you.  I long to hear your sweet voice say 'mama', but it seems you are refusing to make that 'mmmm' sound.  But, I am well aware that you know me.

You love to be tickled on your ribs, and feet.  You laugh out loud, and throw  your head back in excitement when I kiss on your cheeks and neck.  Your feet are constantly moving and kicking.  You are a bundle of energy.  You get so frustrated because you cannot crawl, or walk.  Just yesterday you fell while sitting up and it instantly broke your heart.  It's okay my little man, you will soon enough be non-stop, on the go....take your time.  Momma doesn't mind holding you a while longer!  :0)

I love our days together.  You are a bright little fella, and everyone who sees you instantly falls under your spell.  You are a delight and I can't wait to know more about you.

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