Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Time Marches On

Today is a special day.  Our little family is the Facebook Feature Family for the Pensacola area March of Dimes, for today anyway. 

Here is our story as shared on the FB page...

If you are visiting this blog from seeing us on FB, thanks, and I hope you will read all about our journey to being parents.  The amazing, the sad, the joyous, the heartbroken...all of it.  Then, tell someone else & so on...  Our message of faith is simple.  God loves us, and He loves you.  We pray that you will read our story and know our hearts are so full of love for the God who gives and takes away.  We are humbled to be parents to 3 precious angel children, even if we only get to keep one for the time being. 

Anyway, I digress. Now, if you want to read more you can click on the links ---> over there under READ MORE (right under the first 2 pictures on the right column of this page). 

 Rowan, 08-17-09

 Levi's hands & feet

 Levi Matthew 06/28-06/29/10

Noah Reagan, miracle of miracles, born 07-18-11


Kelly said...

Beautiful feature on FB.

And Noah Reagan? Gorgeous.

Hannah Rose said...

I found your blog on Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope. I am very sorry for your losses. I too lost my baby, Lily Katherine, who was stillborn at fullterm on March 16, 2010. Although I wish nobody else had to know this pain, it's good to know I'm not alone and there are people who "get it." Your blogger header is beautiful! I'd love to have you follow along on my blog as well:

Blessings, Hannah Rose