Friday, January 27, 2012

Ten Little Thingies Friday

So this week I have so many 'little' was actually hard to narrow down to just 10!!
But, here they are:

1.  Noah was officially 6 months old on the 18th, and while I know that was last week I am still reeling from the notion.  My boy, my living son...6 months already...why that's half way to a year, and then he will get married and have his own babies...  It just seems to fly...  Sigh.

2.  This article about mom's with one child really touched me, and encouraged me in lots of ways.  I am sharing it again, here.

3.  Oh, I adore Tom Hanks.  I also was quite addicted to the show Toddlers &, without further is a treat for you!!

4.  I read an amazing article on cervical length, and I want to share it.  I lost two loves of my life because checking cervical lengths during pregnancy isn't a routine procedure.  It is my fervent prayer that this will all be changing soon, and this article seems to be the beginning of an amazing life saving change in the medical world.

5.  March of Dimes is gearing up for another AMAZING walk!!  I cannot wait to walk in support of those miracles that made it, and mostly in honor of my boys who were far too small.  With the help of March of Dimes so many who arrived too soon were given a fighting chance.  Will you help support the March of Dimes?  If so, how?  Do you walk, take up a collection?  Check out our Facebook page for updates and ways that you can help out local families.

lots of cousin love going on here!!

7.  I have done a complete over-haul of our budget.  Phew!  It is tough to 'just say no' to dining out, movies, etc. Having Noah here makes  it a little easier, but man...  I know it will (literally) pay off in the long run.  

8.  I am obsessed with pantry organization tips found on pinterest.  I have so many to actually get started... hmmmm

9.  I love boiled eggs, and I have a super great way to make them so the yolks stay yellow - you know and not yicky gray...but I still seem to destroy them when peeling.  So, I found this and cannot wait to try it!!

10.  I'm reserving #10 for a moment of silence for all those sweet little babies murdered by abortions every year.  There are (at least) 1 million abortions a year (in the U.S).  This is the equivalent to a 9/11 disaster every day... 

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