Saturday, February 18, 2012

month 7

You are 7 months old today my little man.  And, what a little man  you are!  You are so busy all the time, and you hate to give in to your naps even more than before!  You are pulling up and squirming all over the place.  If you get put down you instantly roll over and try to scurry away.  You don't so much crawl as just scoot where ever you want to go. 

You like to hold your bottle, and spoon.  You are greedy about food, and cry when it is gone...never fear, we will always have enough for you to eat.  :0) 

You are a sweet boy.  You are enamored with your dad. You hardly take your eyes off of him.  If I am holding you, you are eager for him to pick you up.  You love to roll around with him and snuggle. 

You were pretty sick this month, for about 2 weeks.  You were so pitiful and snuggly.  I hope you don't grow out of the snuggliness for a long time. 

We think you will be walking soon, and you also seem so eager to tell us something.  You babble and coo all the time.  You sing yourself to sleep before every nap and at bed time.  You are a treasure and we get so much joy from being with you and watching you grow & learn.  We love you so much Noah.


Molly King said...

He's adorable!!

MrsH said...

A very cute little man! congratulations

Harlowe said...

That video made me laugh so hard, what a little sweetie!

Tesha said...

Hi Amanda, I just found your blog. I have watched the video of your boys a few times it is so special! I recently lost my Jonathan at 19 weeks I think your boys were close to that?
Your son is adorable. I just wanted to say thank you, this is a lonely road it is nice to read others stories