Tuesday, May 29, 2012

more on sleep training

Success!!  Noah has slept 12 hours each night since last Friday.  It took 6 days to wean him off of night feedings.  yay!!  He goes down to bed without any fussing.  He usually just lies there & snuggles is giraffe or talks to himself until he falls asleep. 

He also no longer cries before naps.  He does get fussy & then I go lay him down. But, he doesn't have to cry it out.  The only nap that gives him a hard time is the first one...but I think he just wants to keep playing...but after about 10 minutes he passed out! 

He is doing so good, and I am so proud of him.  He is taking 2 hour long naps and sleeping through the night.  This means that I am also sleeping through the night, double yay!!  I hardly know what to do with myself with all this sleep!!    :-)

Anyhow, the book we used was "The Sleep Easy Solution," and I cannot recommend it highly enough.  Anything that could get our little sleep fighter to rest is well worth the money!!


Radiant Readhead said...

Ava is the same way with her first morning nap! lol...but she SCREAMS at bed time. She hates going to bed, but falls asleep w/in 5-10 mins. I just think they feel they are going to miss out on something! lol. YAY for 12 hour nights!!!

Elizabeth said...

woohoo! it's amazing what sleep can do for a mama (and baby too)!