Tuesday, June 19, 2012

month 11

My sweet boy.  What is there to say about you that I haven't said a million times.  You are such a joy to me & dada!  We love you so much.

You laugh all the time, and you are so funny.  You try to make everyone laugh no matter where we are.  You love attention, having your picture taken & giving big kisses.  You are so fast at crawling that I wonder if you will ever decide to walk.

You LOVE animals.  It is adorable to watch you watching them, and then stalking them & then trying to pounce on them.  You are a mess!

I love to watch you learn new things.  You are so smart.  You watch everything that everyone around you is doing and you don't miss a thing!  I feel nervous that you will soon be much smarter than I am, and I only hope I can keep up!  You are a joy, a true treasure my son.

This month you started eating more food on your own.  Your favorites are bananas, nutragrain bars, mac-n-cheese and cheesy puff snack thingys.  You also really like ice cream!!

I have been busy planning your party next month, and we cannot wait to celebrate you and share you with all our family & friends.  You are a social little fella and you rarely meet a stranger.  I hope you always keep that quality, it reminds me of my grandaddy & I'd be honored if you grew to be a man like he was.

Noah, you are a sweet, sensitive, funny boy.  You have so much life ahead of you, and I hope that you grow strong both physically and in your relationships.  I look forward to sharing about the love of Jesus with you.  You are sure to be a warrior for the kingdom of God, and I cannot wait to watch you grow into the man that He has destined you to become.  Happy 11 months my boy.

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