Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Month 12

My sweet boy.  Has it really been a year since you came to us?  It feels like just yesterday I was looking at your tiny blue, crying face.  And, now here we are.  You are one!  You are so smart and funny.  You are just like your daddy in so many ways. 

You are the center of attention most places that we go, and people cannot keep there hands off of you.  I think you are quite the little extrovert, as you seem to get so much energy from large groups of this way you are just like me.  :-)

I love you so much.  I have loved watching you grow and learn this past year.  I look forward to helping shape  you into the amazing, warrior boy that you will surely become.

You are a sweet boy who loves to cuddle and laugh.  You love bath time, and being in the water in general.  You are a really fast crawler, and we are certain you will just get up and start running any day now!  You are so smart and in to everything.  I am constantly amazed by your curiosity and your energy.

You have my heart little man.  I love you so much and I am so happy to be your momma.  xoxox


Michele said...

I love that last shot- beautiful!

Crystal said...

Such great pictures!