Monday, October 20, 2014

Capture Your Grief Days 14-20

Capture Your Grief.  Day 14. Dark/Light

Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only light can do that. -MLK

Capture Your Grief. Day 15. Community.

 The community of bereaved parents is not a place I ever imagined I would land. No one thinks that it will be them. No one expects a loss. Let alone two, back to back. We have lived through hell and come out gasping for breath. The community of, & support from, others who have walked these roads has been so inspirational. Not one of us is ever alone & there is comfort in knowing that...

Capture Your Grief. Day 16. Retreat.

"(being) an active member in our community (babyloss moms) and belong(ing) to one or more support groups, caring for others as well as yourself can be very emotionally draining. We find ourselves helping to carry others grief too. Take today to be kind and gentle with your own heart. Do what makes you feel good...By looking after yourself first you become a more mentally strong person and therefore you are much better help to others."

Capture Your Grief.  Day 17.  Explore.

 Through reading I have been able to explore the depths of my grief. I have found more hope, some sorrow and a deeper understanding of my heart's ache!! Exploring your grief helps in finding your way further down the path of healing.

Capture Your Grief. Day 18.  Gratitude.

 #eucharisteo  choosing thankfulness.

"How do I give up resentment for gratitude, gnawing anger for spilling joy? Self-focus for God-communion.  To fully live—to live full of grace and joy and all that is beauty eternal. It is possible, wildly.  I now see and testify.  So this story— my story A dare to an emptier, fuller life.” 
~ A.V.

Capture Your Grief. Day 19. Give.

This blog started as my healing journal. 
My hoping journal.  And, has transformed into my giving journal.

Capture Your Grief. Day 20. Breathe.

"So often we as bereaved parents find ourselves feeling overwhelmed by our grief and we don’t notice it, but we are holding our breath. When you start adding things like anxiety, anger and frustration to your grief you can end up feeling crippled by your emotions. This affects so many areas and relationships in your life. One way to help alleviate this overwhelming surge of emotions is to turn your attention to your breath. 
Simply step outside into some fresh air and focus on breathing in and out."

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