Tuesday, October 6, 2009

never in vain

I cry out to the Lord to let the brief time we had with Rowan mean something to someone other than me... I beg Him... I want to know I'm not the only one who will forever remember Rowan, not the only one who will be blessed by his time here...

I received an e-mail from a friend last week... I am in awe of Jesus again and again. He will use everything for His glory...EVERYTHING. Though my heart aches for a child I'll never hold, never snuggle, never know this side of Heaven...Rowan is touching lives and has made me the proudest momma I know!

Here is part of the e-mail I received:

My story is brief and I hope it doesn't upset you in any way. God truly works in mysterious ways. The day after I received your first Rowans Hope bog with the photo of Rowan, one of my coworkers was talking about her step daughter just finding out she was expecting and how she was encouraging her to terminate the pregnancy because she wasn't married and still in college. She was around 12 weeks pregnant and she was saying that it's not really a baby until she's further along. I asked her into my office and showed her the photo of Rowan and asked her which part of that child was not a baby. She was so profoundly moved she left work and called her step daughter. She is now about 18 weeks pregnant and her outlook on this pregnancy has completely changed. Because of Rowan, there is another little baby that gets the chance at life.

Again, i hope this doesn't upset you as it's a very happy outcome. I just wanted you to know that your angel is already working from heaven.!!

Please visit the website my amazing husband has created. We are working with our local March of Dimes chapter to make something wonderful, and this website is only the beginning.

May God bless each of you who reads our posts, and passes on our website. May God show His loving mercy in your lives, and the lives of those that you tell of the story of little Rowan. Please continue to pray for our family as we need your prayers daily.

Each day is so hard, but I keep telling myself to get up...Jesus will catch you today just as He has caught you every other day...get up. I don't feel stronger, but I know that God is strong enough for me and Him... I also know that I have to choose each day to live a life that honors Rowan.


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Nicole said...

I was so blessed by the working of our God in this very painful situation for you, and yet to know that your precious baby impacted the life of another baby is so ... there isn't a word that seems to fit. Your strength and perseverance continue to encourage me, Amanda. Still praying for you and your husband.

Florida_Mom said...

Wow - what an awesome God we serve! I am reminded of the song "He gives beauty for ashes"

Hugs and prayers for you both.

Myra <><

P.S. Awesome website you guys made ")