Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ten on Tuesday


This bloggy link-up idea comes from Steph at A Grande Life.  Visit her, show some lovin', and do your ten on tuesday list also....  Let's get this party started.

1.   I started a new job yesterday.  I'll be doing some legal stuff at an insurance company here in town.  I'm excited, it's small, it's VERY part-time and the people are super-nice.

2.  This Saturday I'll have a booth at the Bayview Center's Flea Market!  It's so much fun and hopefully I'll make some good dough.  I need some new shoes for fall!!

3.  Today (09-28) is 12 weeks since my Levi was born.  3 months -- gone by so quickly.  I would be 32 weeks preggo if he was still with us.  I miss him so very much.

4.  I sang with a friend's band over the weekend at a little restaurant in Milton.  Had a BLAST!  I hope they will invite me again soon.

5.  If you haven't played around on Face in Hole, you are seriously missing out.  And, now you can upload pics from FB, but not just your FB, ALL your friend's FB accounts too!!  It's a hoot.

6.  I am seriously loving my Mary Kay make-up!  The skin care line makes my face soft and smooth, and the make-up really makes me look younger & healthier.  I cannot say enough GREAT things about it.  Check out my BFF's MK page to get yourself hooked up with some beauty awesomeness today!

7.  I'm reading three books right now.  (1) Ruthless Trust (2) We Need To Talk About Kevin and (3) Brave Hearts.

8.  I'm a notary, and I've been asked by friends of my hubby to perform a marriage ceremony.  Isn't that crazy. I mean, there will be someone there doing the ceremony, but they will need me to make it official!  It's totally crazy, right?!

9. If you haven't already, you need to go to youtube and search for sponjetta. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

10.  My spotlight blog this week is Kristin's story at Never Better.  Please take some time to get to know this amazing momma, and woman of God.

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