Saturday, March 5, 2011

so close

I am 18w1d preggo today.  Last Saturday, Feb 26th I was 17w1d, and that is the longest I've ever been pregnant without any 'issues'.  Praise God.

At yesterday's appointment we were so pleased.  Little babe is 8oz!!  And he was so wriggly.  He kept his hand in front of his face the entire scan, so we got no cute pics.  We did confirm for the 3rd time that he is ALL boy!  He just kicked away every time they pressed the u/s wand into my tummy.  He was measuring 18w2d, and that makes me proud!  My sweet one's have all been so big & tough!!  :0)

I am so nervous because in just 7 days, next Saturday, March 12th...I will have been pregnant for 19w1d, and that my friends will be the longest I've ever been pregnant.  When you have lost children during pregnancy you anxiously anticipate every milestone... For Saturday is a HUGE milestone for us.  We are praying that God gives us 7 more days with this small one.  And, then, we will ask for 5 more weeks to get us to April 15th at which point I'll be 24 weeks.  And that is VIABILITY DAY!!  Then each week after that is going to be prayerfully, lovingly, accepted as a all the weeks before them.

My cervix measured at 4cm and baby's heart rate was 147!!  In other news, I've gained 2 pounds so far!!

I wish I had cute pics to post, but here is the huggies pic of what baby should be looking like!


Kelly said...

Absolutely fantastic news!! I'm so happy for you!

Florida_Mom said...

Yeah! So happy for you guys! Praying for a boring uneventful four or more months of being pregnant.


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Becky said...

such great news!

butterflymom said...

:) Great news!