Thursday, May 12, 2011

glucose schmucose

Today was my 2-hour glucose test.  As I mentioned last Friday, I failed the one-hour.  It was not fun, but it was also not as bad as I'd prepared for...  Bonus!

Today I got to drink the orange glu-cola!  BARF!!  It was worse than the red...but I've heard better than the green.  If only there was a way it didn't have to have a taste at all.  Maybe I'll invent that, and become filthy rich!!  :0)

The best part was that I only had to get my blood drawn 3 times, rather than the 6 I was originally told about.  So that was great.  Although right now my arm is bruised and won't stop bleeding, but I think that's because I kept it bent and apparently you aren't supposed to do that...oops!  I see the OB on the 20th and I will have the results at that time.  So, for now we just wait. 

I did get to read quite a bit in the waiting room, and I'm nearly done with my book, Birthed in Prayer.  The Lord is so good to me.  The chapters I read today were about peace and just leaning in on the Lord during our times of waiting.  It is so timely, not just in relation to this pregnancy, but in some other areas of our life as well.  It was good.  As mentioned in my previous post, I cannot recommend this book enough.

I have an appointment with the MFM tomorrow at 11 a.m.  We are excited to see Noah again.  Last week the u/s tech thought she noticed some hair on his little head, so maybe tomorrow we can see that...  It's so crazy the stuff you can see on the u/s at the MFM's office.  I'll just be excited to see his little squirmy self!

I have two random additions to this post:

First, if you are a BLM, and are looking for a tangible memory of your little love, you should check out this woman's facebook site.  Her work is incredible.  I have looked through her gallery, and the dolls she made of children the ages of my Rowan & Levi are spot on!  I mean, it's so incredible.  So incredible!

Lastly, and totally unrelated, I am LOVING this song right now!  I just cannot listen enough, and I LOVE when the chorus is building and the background singers come in...  So good!

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Alex said...

Hm. I remember that orange drink actually being tasty lol. Ah well.

I'm glad the testing went a bit better than had been expected. I hope the results come back with a positive outcome :D