Friday, July 1, 2011

35 weeks....

How many weeks:  35 weeks

How am I feeling: I am nervous about Noah's birth, and I am also very excited.  I want to be strong enough to have a peaceful, anxiety free, birthing experience.  I am praying daily for peace and assurance that I can do this...I was made to do this...  I CAN DO THIS!

Doctor’s Appointment:  I saw the OB at 10:00 and for a check-up and u/s.  I see the MFM on July 11th to have my cerclage removed!!

Weight Gain: 17 lbs - boo!!

Maternity Clothes:  Seriously, is there anything else??  :0)

Baby Preparation: We are as ready as we are gonna be!  Nursery - check, pack-n-play in our room - check, hospital bags packed - check, birthing plan - check...  Now, we just wait on Noah to come!!

Gender: precious baby boy (confirmed on many separate u/s - so anything different would totally catch us off guard LOL)

Name:  Noah Reagan McCleskey.  It means Peaceful Little King.  Pretty sweet!

Sleep:  I took the last of my progesterone pills on Sunday, so my sleep has been wonky.  That stuff was really helping me stay tired ALOT!  So, bonus, I'm not nearly as worn out during the day - but I am also having to learn to get myself to sleep without it at night.  It's amazing how powerful two tiny little hormone pills can be!!

Best moment this week:  Every moment with this little one is so sweet to me.  I will truly miss having him on the inside, but I REALLY am ready to have him here to snuggle and kiss on!!!

Movement:  His movements are farther apart, due to limited space, but they are also bigger b/c so is he...  My tummy constantly moves with BIG waves of his movements!

Food cravings: nutella, chocolate, peanut butter

What I miss: Well I don't miss the Prometrium!  My legs are super I guess I miss tired legs.  heehee

What I am looking forward to: Having my cerclage removed, and getting to meet this little man.

Milestones: We are 35 weeks today, that is only 2 weeks from full term.  I was wondering if we'd ever make it this far, and I can honestly say that I am overwhelmed that we are here so soon!

Boo!  None!  They tried to add them to our old DVD, but for some reason it didn't take & there is a REALLY cute video dadgumit!!

Prayer request:
Noah is breech right now, and that's fine another week or two...but we really need him to spin around.  My doctor's have told me that because of my history and the struggle with each pregnancy if he remains breech and I go into labor they will not attempt to turn him and will just proceed with a c-section --- and I REALLY want to avoid that...  So, please join with us in praying for Noah to do a flip really soon!!! 

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Lisa (Coe) Mueller said...

Hey Girl!

I am soooo excited for you guys that I just can't stand it! :-)

I will certainly keep you in my prayers...1) for your peace and a peaceful birth and 2) for Noah to take a flip. You CAN do this, Woman...I have faith and confidence in you. If anyone can do this, it's YOU (with God's help, of course)!

Love you!

Lisa (Coe) Mueller