Friday, January 13, 2012

Ten Little Thingies Friday

So, it's time for another edition of Ten Little Thingies!  I have been wanting to do this again since the first time, but life can get hectic around here!!

1.  I have been doing Zumba on the Wii for two weeks.  I love it.  I look ridiculous...even Noah thinks so.  At least I think he thinks so...I feel like he is silently judging me from the comfort of his Johnny Jump-Up!

2.  I am getting really excited about a new budget and meal plan for this year.  Such a nerd, I know.  But, it's really fun to see how far you can stretch a dollar!  I will be making freezer meals during the month of February, and following the guide here.  It will be a lot of work on that particular day, but I won't have to do as much work for a long time to come, as her recipes/guides teach you how to make over 40 meals at one time!!

3.  We have become BIG fans of hulu plus.  We cancelled our Netflix to have Hulu instead.  It is great to be able to see lots of shows 'right now' instead of after a season is over.  We have 4 channels with our rabbit ears, so this has opened a whole new world to us!  :0)

4.  Speaking of #3, we are quite addicted to "Once Upon A Time."  It is a super great show, and if you haven't seen it then you are missing out BIG TIME!!

5.  I was giving Noah Hyland's teething tablets until a week ago when I realized they have lactose in them.  Dumb momma!!  He is really sensitive to lactose proteins.  Sigh.  I have so much to learn.  :/

6.  My son LOVES, let me say it again, LOVES fabric!!  He will only chew on fabric toys, or blankets.  Oh, and he LOVES tags!!  If he has a toy & it has a tag on it...yep, he goes straight for the tag!! So, as the best mom ever, I got him a taggie!  They were $14.99 at our local Target, but I found one stashed on an end cap that someone had returned after ordering online, and got it for only $3.75!  Sweet!!
7.  I am sad to say that I really enjoy listening to LMFAO songs.  They are just plain funny.  And, I am, ahem, addicted to Pinterest, so this made me laugh so hard!!

8.  In our house we like Sophie the Giraffe.  See...

9.  And this little goodie (also from Pinterest):
get it??  A 'little husky' - he is literally a little husky!!  baHAHAHAHAHHA

10.  Back to meal planning, my meal plans are going to include A LOT of recipes from this chick!  She cooked in her crock pot 365 days, so there are 365 recipes to try!  She has pictures, easy instructions, and then feed back on what her family thought.  I love cooking in my crock pot!  It's easy & there are always left overs! 

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