Monday, April 30, 2012

Month 9

Well, I am a few days/weeks late on this post.  Life has been crazy busy around here.  A mobile 9 month old keeps me on my toes!!  He is in to everything & I love it!!

Noah started crawling and has not stopped moving since.  He walks but only if holding on to something & because he is a super fast crawler he chooses to spend his time doing just that!  He is a mess. 

My boy is so big & adorable.  He really is the cutest baby ever.  I cannot imagine anyone cuter!

His 9th month was spent with trips to the park, lots of outside time and his first overnight stay without me or dad!  It was tough, but we all survived!  I think we are almost ready to try a whole weekend!  Although I'm still not too sure about him riding in the car with other people...without me!  But I have to let go sometime right?!?

This boy loves to eat and doesn't really say no to much.  He loves squash, oatmeal and fruit.  He also started eating some meats this month, and he loves chicken & turkey.  Red' not so much!  He is a doll.

I cannot stop watching him, as he learns so quickly and it is fascinating to see the little wheels of knowledge turning in his head.  His eyes are bright and he is very quick!  He loves to smile and laugh, and laugh in response to our laughing.  He is a joy to be around and I am so glad to have him in our lives!

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Molly King said...

You're right! He's a doll!