Friday, August 17, 2012

Rowan, we remember

Three years my precious one.  Three agonizing, ridiculously long years without you.  How will I make it through to my old age and beyond without you?  I have your little brother here to hold & cuddle and squeeze extra tight each time I think of you...  But still I sense your absence.  You were the first.  You are loved and you are remembered.  You are my sweet love. 

I am thinking of you especially today as it has been 3 years since you flew off to be with Jesus.  Momma loves you sweet Rowan...always.

The feelings of the moment I saw you and felt your warmth in my hands - I cannot stop feeling them.  I thought they would lessen by now...and yet they are with me always, and in ways that I cannot explain.  You were so tiny and PERFECT!  Every part accounted for, and every piece of you amazingly put together.  Oh sweet angel love, you are a master piece.  

 I can't wait to hold your hand again!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your pictures of your immense love and the miracle of life.
Yes, Rowan is with you ans also waiting for you at "The happy Land".

Your pictures could be use to bring anti-abortion awareness...

Virginia Ramunda

Anonymous said...

i think cutest creation human baby