Monday, October 15, 2012

International Wave of Light ‘Infant Loss Remembrance Day’

Today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. 

Every year on this date, millions of people observe this day by lighting a candle at 7pm.Will you join us in lighting a candle in remembrance of all babies gone too soon? If you have never been a victim of pregnancy, stillbirth or infant loss, light a candle in honor our sons, Rowan & Levi Matthew. Join us in the wave of light tonight.

We remember every moment of those days surrounding each of our losses.  We remember the sweet love & tremendous grief felt in those hours, days & months - the hope of a baby, the grief of burying a child and the peace only given by the Father.

We are still healing & sometimes we are still overtaken by the intense emotions that come from the death of a child.  We still walk with the limp & the scars of this horrific time...  Please say a prayer tonight for all those who are 'celebrating' this day with a flame of their own, and please consider lighting a candle tonight.

Glory Baby, Rowan, 08-17-09  ~A moment in our hands, forever in our hearts~
Rowan McCleskey

Levi Matthew McCleskey, hands & feet  LOVE

momma & Levi - moments after his birth! Praise God from whom all blessing flow!!

Levi Matthew resting in full peace

our boys.  love love love

The works of His hands are faithful & just.  And all his commandments are trustworthy. Ps 111:7

He keeps all promises...

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