Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thoughtful Wednesday: O Christmas Tree


Well, it's here.  December 1st.  We usually spend the day after Thanksgiving pulling out decorations, putting up our tree and making the house cute and Christmas-y.  But this year....I was bound and determined NOT to do that...  Christmas won't be what I want it to be, and Levi won't be here with us...and neither will Rowan.  Again. Another Christmas ...just us.  But, Matt, my amazing love insisted.  So, on Thanksgiving day after we visited the cemetery, we came home and put up our tree.  It was an emotional process and took much longer than usual, but it was good.  And, it's so nice to have it up now.  It makes the house seem a little more homey.  And, we have ornaments in memory of Rowan and Levi on the I can see those everyday and it makes me smile.


Leannehoovler said...

LOVE the TREE!!! I love your blog too! I have passed your name on for The Cherry on Top Blog AWARD. Take a look at my blog when you have a few minutes.

Patty said...

This is my second year without Joey and it's still hard to decorate for Christmas. Last year we didn't do anything...I'm glad that you guys did it and that you liked it at the end. When I see your tree, I see all of the McCleskey family - you guys and Levi and Rowan - in the image.