Thursday, July 18, 2013

Living in the Promise

Happiest of birthday's to my little 2 year old, Noah.  

You are the perfect fulfillment of one of God's sweetest promises.  I love you with every fiber of who I am.  Truly I prayed for you and surely you were given as a symbol of God's mercy, grace & steadfast faithfulness.  You are a joy, Noah Reagan.  A gift given to me & your daddy, two so undeserving, yet so humbled and thankful.  You are the light of my life.  I am honored to be your momma and to call you my son.

You love to laugh and to be so silly.  You talk in funny voices, and make car, animal, etc., sounds all day long.  You almost never stop moving (and I think it's b/c you know you will fall fast asleep if you do).  You love to color, watch cartoons, talk about animals & cars.

Sometimes while playing you will come find me in another room and give me a kiss...then run off to play again.  I LOVE being your momma.  I LOVE being with you all day.  I LOVE being the one you run to, the one you hide behind, the one you want to snuggle and smooch.  It is particularly sweet when we lay in the big bed & you grab my hand and hold it tightly to your little chest.  I am here boy, I will not leave you...ever. 

You sure adore your daddy.  Each night you want him to be the one to put you to bed.  You walk around the house in the morning asking "daddy, are you?"  Then you wait by the door for him to come home.  It's so sweet & I pray you always look for & wait for your daddy.  I pray you grow to be sweet and thoughtful just like him.

I like to hear you talk about cars, trains, trucks, and animals. You really like chickens, dogs, cats, cows, horses and (oddly) peacocks!  Your little voice is so very sweet as you name all the animals you know.  Right now you cannot get enough of talking about fire trucks, airplanes, motorcycles, TRAINS, cars and semi-trucks.  You are so smart and it's so neat to watch you learning more and more.

Oh, and the beach (or pool). You really like to be in the water.  You get your little float and hop in!  It's really cute, although it sometimes takes my breath away how brave you are.  I have to be quick to keep up with you, especially in the water!!  :-)

momma & her big kid! 

I am excited to teach you new things this coming year and I am excited about what you will teach me.  I love to love you.  I hope you remember these sweet times we have together.  I hope I remember them too.
practicing our colors

Walking tall with daddy at the Zoo

I think he's ready for some lessons!

Noah Reagan, wild life explorer!

Blessed -- Easter 2013

Noah & Daddy -- LOVE

visiting his big brothers on Mother's Day 2013

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