Tuesday, May 13, 2014

sort of a rant, I suppose

I have helped plan & been to 5 baby showers since last Wednesday.  Five. 
Of course, four of those were at one time!  :) 

I really, really, really want to have another baby.  We have been trying since Noah was about 18 months old (he will be 3 in July)  ..but I haven't been back on fertility meds, etc....  I just really, really, really wanted it to happen naturally. 

It feels like a metal baseball bat to the stomach every month that I'm not pregnant, every time someone else tell me they ARE pregnant...and every time I stop to realize that my body just can't/won't/doesn't do what it's meant to do...  Why do you think that is? 

And, while we are on the topic - why do people find it necessary to say things like "isn't it time you had another?"  "you're not getting any younger."  "noah needs a play mate, don't you want another baby?"  What ---  you don't know me --- this is what I really want to scream...but I politely smile & nod. 

And, in the last week I meet a woman who told me that she went the entire pregnancy not knowing she was preggo...went to ER with stomach cramping & back pain -- left with a baby.  Oy vey!! 

**My friends who are pregnant - I love you & this is nothing against you or your "condition" heehee -- I am just stuck in my feelings today & wanted to share a


Ausmerican Housewife - Creating with Kara Davies said...

Same with us. Been trying since 5months after Evan (he's 4 in June!). He and Julia happened naturally, we've never tried assistance, and I just don't want to try assistance of any sort. There's only so much room in my head to obsess over things and I've no more room left. :p

MrsH said...

I wanted to be that woman too, and to be on "I didn't know I was pregnant". How much I envied leaving with an unexpected baby from the ER!

Why not go back on the fertility meds? it will speed things up maybe?